Dream Home ‘Dreamin’

Like a lot of SMPL’s clientèle, my wife and I can’t afford to do everything we want to our home right away; this is where the 5 year plan comes into effect. I’ve always had a dream of a home office on the main floor with a nice view; my wife’s always had her dream bathroom picked out. This proposed addition takes care of both our needs. Our intent for the simple bungalow is a monochromatic look – all charcoal. Complete with stained brick, standing seam metal roof, and a larger front canopy at the entry door. The rear addition will feature (one day hopefully) clear 1+ cedar siding, a 15 foot lift and slide door assembly, and access out to the rear yard living space.

Planning ahead for potential resale down the road, I’ve designed the office to easily be converted into a 15 foot walk in closet. The bathroom has an open concept feel to enjoy a view of the backyard from the tub, but at the same time be able to introduce some privacy for the shower and toilet room with frosted glass floor to ceiling.