SMPL design studio creates stunning modern architectural spaces that combine sophisticated and streamlined design with everyday functionality. We build projects that challenge our creativity while implementing the unique styles and tastes of our clients one house at a time. Each client is unique with their own lifestyle and guidelines; therefore each project we work on has different creative challenges for us to overcome to ensure the end product works in unison with the individuals and family as a whole. Whether it is a renovation idea, addition project, or a new build, SMPL involves the same smooth design process to ensure the clients utmost satisfaction.

Our firms variety of clientele, project scale and geographical location also drive the use of alternative construction systems. From modular construction, to passive house design and alternative energy solutions; SMPL has the experience to execute a smooth process and educate the client and builder on each project that leaves our office.


From initial site visit, to final construction plans, SMPL design studio takes a collaborative approach with our in house team, as well as the client and the builder. This collaboration enables us to produce a final product that is both architecturally significant and appealing, and at the same time, designed within the client’s budget and the limitations of reality that builders are able to construct from. We are here to extrapolate your vision and create a structure to accommodate your lifestyle. This is why each one of our client’s projects is unique; and designed to enhance your personal environment. We look forward to visiting your project site and discussing the vision.



We are a small team of creative, energetic and inspired individuals. As a young ambitious firm with a strong passion for modern design, we are devoted to finding fresh and innovative ideas to suit the needs of varying clients, budgets, and locations. Our team works closely with clients and associate builders to create unique architectural Design. These exciting projects make coming to work the best part our day and going home the best part of theirs.


  • Joel Tanner

  • Principal, Architectural Technologist
  • After the successful completion of the 3-year architectural technology program at Algonquin College (2007), Joel fulfilled a lifelong dream and moved to western Canada where he worked for two prefabricated home companies over a span of three years before launching SMPL Design Studio, in the spring of 2010. Since the company’s inception, the team has worked on over 300 projects ranging in size from 300 square foot tiny homes, to 10,000 square foot custom modern masterpieces.

  • David Shouldice

  • MMAH Registered Designer, Building Code Specialist (BCIN #19618)
  • I’ve worked for 25 years in the construction industry – as a labourer, carpenter, contractor, plans examiner, building inspector, energy auditor and historic architectural conservationist. I’m certified as a Building Code Official and Architectural Technologist. I also teach my trade at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

  • Jackie Tanner

  • Accounting and Administration; Dip. Corr. Ser. Worker
  • Book keeping, accounting and administration are key items of any successful company. When not running around chasing our two kids, she is busy organizing Joel’s box of papers.

  • Julia Mancini

  • Design / Drafting; Dip. Arch. Tech.
  • With a degree in Urban Planning (2012) and Architectural Technology (2016), in addition to 16 months of coop positions (12 of which were with SMPL), I now work full in the office as the lead drafts person and assistant designer.

  • Lindsey Bruce

  • Office Manager / Permit Specialist; BSc (Geography)
  • After completing her BSc in Geography at Laurier University in 2014, she worked with the Credit Valley Conservation Authority for 8 years. That experience led to her new role with SMPL Design Studio, managing week-to-week scheduling of projects, as well as handling all permit applications for demolition, building, services, site plan, minor variance and conservation for all projects.

  • MacKenzie Miller

  • Design / Drafting; Dip. Arch. Tech.
  • A Mohawk College graduate holding degrees in architectural technology and also pre-construction technologies, MacKenzie worked for Sobotec Architectural Wall Systems Solutions as well as the Woodbridge Group before coming to SMPL as a drafting specialist.

    Marjan Gievski
    BA; Faculty of Design and Technology of furniture and interiors
    3D visualization; Interior Designer

    Marjan started his career in Skopje, Macedonia and was employed in the architectural and interior design industry for 10 years at two firms prior to making the move with his family to Canada in Fall 2017. Marjan freelanced as a visualization expert for over a year in Canada prior to making the move over to the SMPL office where he now works full time on both exterior and interior visualization material for our clients. Marjan’s keen eye for detail; and strong interior design ideas help the SMPL team stay on the leading edge with their interior design packages.

    Hayden Duench
    B. Arch; Carleton University
    Design / Drafting

    Hayden completed his architectural studies at Carleton University’s Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism in spring 2018 with 20 months of paid Co-op between Unilock Ltd. and Orchard Design Studio Inc. where he learned the fundamentals of residential design. His passion for adaptive re-use and housing brought him to a local Hamilton architecture firm following his studies at Carleton. However, he quickly learned of SMPL and their modern positioning in the market place, so decided to jump ship and join the team in fall 2018. His passion for design includes all forms of housing as well as graphic arts.


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