1010 Sproat Smith Avenue – B.C.

Located on a lakeside street in Nelson, British Columbia, 1010 Sproat is the first home we designed under the official SMPL brand. Differing from traditional layouts, this floor plan was reversed to better suit the needs and lifestyle of our client. The main level of the 1,900-square foot home accommodates three bedrooms and two bathrooms, while the upper level of the house contains the usual daily living quarters. A covered patio space creates a natural and flowing link from the family room to the outdoors where the scenery is truly awe-inspiring. The glass feature, fondly referred to as “the eye” of the house, is a 6’x10’ sheet of paned glass located in the core of the home at the stairwell. Homeowners and guests agree the centerpiece tastefully captures the essence of Elephant Mountain, enhances the light in the space and infuses a very natural atmosphere in this modern home.

  • Size: 1,940 square feet
  • Specs: 3 bedroom 4 bathroom; New Build
  • Builder: JB Construction
  • Photographer: Client
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